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Battery tester, Clamp meter, Earth ground tester, multimeter, Loop tester, power quality analyzer, Electrical testers are Instruments designed to test the presence of, rather than measure, electrical conditions. These testers can range from very simple instruments that signal that voltage is present in a circuit, to more complex instruments featuring multiple testing options for high-voltage applications
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3 Phase Power Quality Analyzer Harmonic Analyzer (PQAN-7610)

3 Phase Power Quality Analyzer Harmonic Analyzer


Measurement RangeResolutionAccuracy
Channel3-phase line input 1 neutral line input
Vrms(dc ac)1 ~ 1000Vrms0.1Vrms±5%
Vpk1 ~ 1400Vpk0.1Vpk±5%
V(CF)1.0 ~ >2.80.01±5%
Arms1~ 3000A1A±1% ± 5digits
1~ 300A0.1A±1% ± 5digits
Apk1 ~ 4000Apk1A±1% ± 5digits
A(CF)1 ~ 100.01±5%
Frequency42.5~57.5Hz(50Hz nominal)0.01Hz±0.01%
51~69Hz(60Hz nominal)0.01Hz±0.01%
Dips & Swells
Vrms1/20 ~ 200% of nominal voltage0.1Vrms±1%
Arms1/21 ~ 3000A1A±1% ±5 counts
1 ~ 300A0.1A±1% ±5 counts
Threshold levelsProgrammable thresholds in percent of nominal voltage
Event detection based upon ½ cycle rms voltages
Captures Dips, Swells Interruptions and Rapid Voltage Changes
Durationhhh,mm,ss,mmm0.5 cycle1 cycle
Harmonic Order1 ~ 50
Inter-Harmonic Order1 ~ 49
Voltage0.0 ~ 100.0%0.1%±0.1% ± nx0.1%
Current0.0 ~ 100.0%0.1%±0.1% ± nx0.1%
THD0.0 ~ 100.0%0.1%±2.5%
DC Relative0.0 ~ 100.0%0.1%±2%
Frequency0 ~ 3500Hz1Hz1Hz
Phase-360° ~ 0°± nx1.5°
Power And Energy
Active Power/Apparent Power/Reactive Power1.0 ~ 20.00MW0.1kW±1.5±10 counts
Energy0.00kWh ~ 200GWh10Wh±1.5±10 counts
Power Factor0 ~ 10.01±0.03
Pst(1min),Pst,Plt,PF50.00 ~ 20.000.01±5%
Voltage0.0 ~ 5.0%0.1%±0.5%
Current0.0 ~ 20.0%0.1%±1%
Voltage Phase Angle-360° ~ 0°±2digits
Current Phase Angle-360° ~ 0°±5digits
Voltage Transient
Vrms10 ~ 1000Vrms1V±2.5%
Min. Tested Time50us
Sampling Rate20kS/s
Inrush Current
Arms(AC DC)0~3000Arms0.1±1% ± 5digits
Inrush Duration6s ~ 32min selectable10ms±20ms
RecordingParameter, duration time and time interval can be set by user, which can be export on PC
Max. recording time1 year
System Monitor
ParametersVrms,Arms,Harmonic Volts,THD Volts,Plt,Vrms1/2,Arms1/2,Vneg,Hz,dips and swells, unbalance
Record Time2h ~ 7days
Record Event Number>10000
LimitsAccording EN50160  or customer definable
General Characteristics
PowerAC220V(1±10%), 50Hz(1±5%), ≤10VA
InterfaceUSB_HOST, LAN
Display5.6 TFT LCD, 320*240
Battery7.4V, 4.4Ah, > 7 hours working time
Dimension & Weight262×173×66mm, 1.6kg

Voltage Test Leads

3 meter long x 5
Alligator Clips5
External DC Adaptor1 pcs
Software CD, Users Manual1 x each
Flexi CT Clamps3000A*4
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