Dial Indicator

The dial indicator is a comparative measuring tool with high precision. It can only measure relative values, but not absolute values. It is mainly used to measure shape and position errors, and can also be used for precise alignment when installing workpieces on machine tools. The reading accuracy of the dial indicator is 0.01mm. The structural principle of the dial gauge is shown in Figure 1. When the measuring rod 1 moves up or down by 1mm, the gear transmission system drives the big pointer 5 to make one revolution, and the small pointer 7 to make one revolution. The dial has 100 equally divided divisions on the circumference, and the reading value of each division is 0.01mm. The reading of each division of the small pointer is 1mm. The amount of change in the reading of the pointer during measurement is the amount of change in size. The dial can be rotated so that the large pointer is aligned with the zero mark when measuring
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