Laboratory Soild Material Density Meter


300g/0.01g/0.005g Automatic Soild Material Density Meter

300g/0.01g     Choose A

300g/0.005g   Choose B

Application scope: rubber, plastic, wire and cable, electrical appliances, sports equipment, tires, glass products, cemented carbide, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, seals, ceramics, sponge, EVA materials, foam materials, alloy materials, friction materials, new materials research, battery materials, research laboratory.

Weighing range: 0.01-300g Weighing accuracy: 0.01g Density accuracy: 0.001g/cm3


Load cell

LCD display with green backlight

Rechargeable battery inside

Density direct reading function

Support alarm density of upper and lower limitsdensity,volume

    Test type: Rubber / plastic / particle floating body / ceramic / PVC Pipe sheet / plastic products metal / magnetic material / Rock / sponge PE particles / wires and cables, etc The test time is about 5 seconds Display value density and volume The solution temperature can be set to 0 ~ 100 ℃ Solution compensation solution can be set to 19.999

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  • Model: DEBA-7252
  • Brand: ROKTOOLS