Powder Density Meter Max300g HBM Load Cell

Temperature compensation
Powder Density Meter Max300g HBM Load Cell
Model: 300g/0.005g
Weighing range: 0.005-300g
Weighing accuracy: 0.005g
Density accuracy: 0.0001g/cm3
Load Cell: HBM from Germany

1. Directly read the density of any powder with a density> 1 or <1.
2. With temperature compensation setting function, more user-friendly operation, more in line with the needs of on-site operations
3. Standard configuration with temperature pycnometer
4. It adopts one-piece stainless steel weighing platform, which has strong corrosion resistance
5. With the function of upper and lower density limits, it can judge whether the specific gravity of the test object is qualified or not. Equipped with buzzer device
6.Built-in battery and equipped with windshield, which is more suitable for on-site testing.
7. Support RS232, connect directly to computer or printer
8. Blue bottom white light large LCD liquid crystal display, the display is clearer

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  • Model: DEBA-7032
  • Brand: ROKTOOLS