16pcs Welding Gauge Set NDT Inspection Gauge

Alu Case
16pcs Welding Gauge Set NDT Inspection Gauge

Covers main welding gauge in one set
Stainless steel. 
With Alu Case for easy carry. 
WG-407 HJC60 Universal Welding gauge
WG-401 HJC40 Universal welding  gauge
WG-403 HJC40B welding gauge
WG-208 Bridge cam welding gauge
WG-221 Fillet welding gauge (metric)
WG-211 Fillet welding gauge(Metric and inch)
WG-503 Pipe Pit Gauge
WG-505 Sector welding gauge
WG-601 HI-lo welding gauge
WG-602 Single purpose hi-lo welding gauge
WG-502 automatic weld size welding gauge
WG-501 V-Wac Welding gaue
WG-504 Taper gauge 0-15mm
WG-514 Taper gauge 15-30mm
WG-524 Taper gauge 30-45mm
WG-507 Skew-T Fillet Welding Gauge
Note: Some gauge are pointed, It may scratch your skin. 
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  • Model: WG-700
  • Brand: ROKTOOLS