Long Jaw Digital Caliper 1000mm Electronic Vernier Caliper

Stainless Steel

Long Jaw Digital Caliper 1000mm Electronic Vernier Caliper

The hole is only for 300mm jaw or above

Warm Reminder:

1.These are special calipers, need 2-3weeks manufacturing, if you are in urgent, please do not place order.  We do not accept any claims for delivery time. 

2. The package of caliper  is longer than 1200mm, The Courier will charge extra fee for it.  Please note, our Shipping weight is not based on its NET weight, but based on the Size(bulk) weight


-OEM for different Extra Long Jaw for thickner diameter measurement

-Mirror Measuring Face. Paralleled Jaw. 

-1000mm/12inch Digital Caliper with 500mm Jaw is best seller 

-With fine adjustament

-Thicker Beam more stable

-Fast response display figure. no Jumping figure

-With Preset function

-Nib jaw can measure inside diameter

-Double use Outside and inside measurement



1000mm*200mm jaw

1000mm*300mm Jaw

1000mm*400mm jaw

1000mm*500mm jaw

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  • Model: HD-10214-150
  • Brand: ROKTOOLS