Soil Compaction Tester Clay Penetrometer

Accuracy: ≤0.25%

Soil Compaction Tester Clay Penetrometer sand hardness tester


* High accuracy and high resolution.
* Digital display with no guessing or errors.
* With 3 measurement unit for selection and conversion, N, kg, lb,
* With peak value hold function.
* With 10 minutes auto power off and manual power off.
* Power can be supplied by either alkaline battery or 5V DC power.


Product Parameters                                                                                                                                             



Measuring range

0kg-100kg (0N-1000N)

Test depth


Material testedall kinds of backfill soil, clay, sand and mixed soil after rolling

Application environment

highway, railway, reservoir, dike, dam and civil building, etc


2 AA batteries(5 V dc matching)

Accuracy of the test


shutdown mode

Close automatically or manually shut down 10 minutes


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  • Model: SOHT-6205
  • Brand: ROKTOOLS